Free API Md5decrypt

How does it works ?

The API we are providing gives you access to a much larger and efficient database than the one you can query using our homepage, we have a crack rate of just about 60%, against 25% with the public database. allows you to use its API for free and so use our database from your own site or computer. However - and to avoid an overload on the server - we limited the amount of request to 100 per day and per account. For more requests, you can buy a premium code that'll allow you to have an unlimited access to the database.
To start using the API, please enter a valid email address into the following textfield, it will send you your secret code by email (check the spams directory if you can't find it) :

If you want premium access to the API database, you can choose either to buy time, or a specific amount of hashes and unlimited time to use them. The PayPal button you'll find below allows you to choose from 1 day to 1 year of unlimited access, or 10,000 to 10,000,000 hashes to query on an unlimited amount of time. Once the payment done, you'll receive a premium code on the email you used to pay. Be sure to check your spams folder if you don't see the email.

The premium service is closed for now, we're making a big update of servers and database. We're coming back soon with even more hashes :)

In order to use the API, you then just need to call the page api.php with as arguments your hash (or hashes), the type of hash (which obviously as to be a type that we have), your email address, and your secret code. You'll find below an example (in PhP) :

$hash = "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99";
$hash_type = "md5";
$email = "";
$code = "0123456789";
$response = file_get_contents("".$hash."&hash_type=".$hash_type."&email=".$email."&code=".$code);
echo $response;

To use the API with a premium code, you just have to add the premium variable to your request, and use the email address and code that we provided you when buying the premium code. For instance : $hash = "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99";
$hash_type = "md5";
$premium_email = "";
$premium_code = "0123456789";
$premium = 1; $reponse = file_get_contents("".$hash."&hash_type=".$hash_type."&email=".$premium_email."&code=".$premium_code."&premium=".$premium);
echo $reponse;

The previous code is used to decrypt a hash. If you want to encrypt a word, you should use the following code (PHP still) :

$word = "aword";
$hash_type = "md5";
$reponse = file_get_contents("".$word."&hash_type=".$hash_type."&email=".$email."&code=".$code);
echo $reponse;

As you can see, the variable you have to provide are the following :

- hash   ==>   Your hash (or hashes). If you have more than one hash to request at once, please separate them with ";" sign. The answers will also be returned separated by a ";" (that is if you didn't provide a specific value for optionnal variable 'separator'). Then you'll just have to parse the answer for instance with explode (php).

- word   ==>   A word to encrypt.

- hash_type   ==>  The type of hash you're requested. For now it isn't possible to ask for several type of hashes in the same request, I'll integrate this feature later. The value that can be passed into that variable are the following : md5, md4, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512, ntlm. Please note that all should be written in lowercase.

- email  ==>  The email address you provided.

- code  ==>  The secret code that was sent to you via email.

- separator  ==>  Optionnal variable that allows you to specify any separator you want between the answers from database. If you do not provide that variable, each answer will be separate with a ';' sign.

Note that you can send the arguments to the page using GET (into the url), or POST data if you prefer that. However it is important that you send all the arguments using the same method.
The variable $response will return the answer from our database, or won't return anything if the hashs wasn't found. Several error codes were created so you can debug your code easily :

- ERROR CODE : 001   ==>   You exceeded the 400 allowed request per day (please contact me if you need more than that).
- ERROR CODE : 002   ==>   There is an error in your email / code.
- ERROR CODE : 003   ==>   Your request includes more than 400 hashes.
- ERROR CODE : 004   ==>   The type of hash you provide in the argument hash_type doesn't seem to be valid.
- ERROR CODE : 005   ==>   The hash you provide doesn't seem to match with the type of hash you set.
- ERROR CODE : 006   ==>   You didn't provide all the arguments, or you mispell one of them.
- ERROR CODE : 007   ==>   The premium code you entered doesn't seem to be valid.
- ERROR CODE : 008   ==>   The premium variable doesn't seem to be correct, it must be 1.
- ERROR CODE : 009   ==>   Your premium account ran out of time, to continue using it, you'll have to buy more time or hashes.

If you have more questions, or remarks that you want to share, contact me via the contact form.