Ntlm Encrypt & Decrypt

About Ntlm Online Decryption :

Ntlm is an authentification protocol created by Microsoft. This function is used for a lot of different applications and is based on cryptographic function Md4, with few differencies. Ntlm is often used to encrypt Windows users passwords. It's the new "version" of LM, which was the old encryption system used for Windows passwords.

This website allows you to decrypt, if you're lucky, your ntlm hashes, and give you the corresponding plaintext, you can also encrypt any word using the NTLM hash generator. We proceed by comparing your hash with our online database, which contains more than different hashes. The decryption database is coming from all the wordlists I was able to find on the internet. Then I enlarged the wordlist by creating my own script and add several letters to each word, to make my database unique and pertinent. It will help you decrypt your NTLM Hash for free.

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