Domain Age Checker


About domain name age :

This tool aims to allow you to check the age of one or multiple domains, providing information such as the creation and expiration date of the domain. The age of a domain holds particular significance in Google search result rankings (SEO).

The lifespan of a domain can influence various aspects, including its authority and position in search results. Search engines, such as Google, often attribute a certain level of credibility to older domains. A long-established domain tends to inspire more trust, which can contribute to strengthening its online authority.

By examining the age of a domain, you can assess its stability and reliability. Older websites often have an established online history, which can positively impact their ranking in search results. This can also play a role in the trust granted by users, as a domain that has been around for a long time may be perceived as more reliable.

To obtain this information, our tool uses the Whois service, available on all Linux distributions. By analyzing the creation and expiration date of a domain, you can make informed decisions regarding its relevance and potential impact on your site's SEO.

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