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About Sha256 Online decryption :

Sha256 is a function of algorithm Sha2 (as 384, 512, and more recently 224 bits versions), which is the evolution of Sha1, itself an evolution of Sha-0. Sha2 algorithm was developed by NSA to answer the security problem of Sha-1, since the theorical discover of a 2^63 operations for collisions. This algorithm takes as input a 2^64 maximum length message, and outputs a 256 bits hash. It seems that sha256 is becoming more and more used in order to replace the old md5 hash function. I think that sha256 is actually the best replacement because of its good balance between online storage size and security. As the others cryptographic functions of its "family", Sha256 is unilateral so you can't find the plaintext with only the hash. You have to compare this hash to a online sha256 database, and that's what we do here with a 15183605161 sha256 hashes. I looked for days to find any wordlist online. Then I computed for days to enlarge the wordlist and make it really unique, providing you one the most efficient way to look for online sha256 decryption. We don't have billions of billions hashes as other websites but we focused on real world password to make this sha256 database the more efficient as possible.
Sha256 is a good way to store your users passwords, as it is way more secure than Md5 or Sha1 for instance. Even if it is more secure though, you should still consider using a salt to improve security. A salt is a string that you add to the user's password to make it longer, and add special characters. This will make bruteforce way more difficult, and most likely the password won't be stored in online database such as ours.