Online DNS lookup

About DNS lookup :

DNS, for Domain Name Service, is a tool allowing to convert a hostname or domain name to its corresponding IPv4 address(es). More precisely, it's the A record that allows that. DNS has a lot more records in it, as you can check on our DNS checker. However the A record is the most used, because it allows to tell your computer the link between a hostname and the IP address to which it got to send its requests. Without that, the domain name that you enter in you browser wouldn't make any sense. See that as a phonebook between hostname and ip address.
When you type an address (url), your computer will make a request to your ISP to ask if it has the corresponding IP address. If it doesn't, it will itself asks another domain name server, as it is a decentralized database, if it has a record for this domain name. If it does, it will send it back to your computer, which will be able to make requests to the distant server you're looking to reach.
You can also do the opposite, check the domain name or hostname behind an IP address, for that you can use our Reverse DNS Tool.
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