Online MX Lookup

About MX Lookup :

MX record is one of the records that DNS brings to us. The DNS, for domain name system, are databases that allow the conversion of a hostname or domain name in its corresponding IP address. MX record is the record that allows to check which servers takes care of emails routing for a specific domaine name. For instance for, let's suppose we have to email addresses, and When you send an email to one of these addresses, the server that is recorded in MX record will take care of routing your email to the right user (for instance contact or webmaster). Without this emails wouldn't arrive at their final recipient.
The priority number you can see in the array indicates which server will take care of the requests first. There's generally several servers to take care of this task, so that a down server won't prevents emails to arrive. The first server to be used is the one with the lowest priority number.
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