Online Ping

About Ping Tool :

The ping tool allows you to check for a distant machine accessibility on internet. It's an old tool since it was originally created by Mike Muuss in 1983 to debug a program. We could say that this tool comes from the origins of the internet. The name "ping" came from the sonar noise when it's looking into ocean depths. Like a sonar, Ping is sending a message and waiting for a response to analyze.
Beyond its testing function, it also allows to calculate an average response delay from the distant machine. Ping monitors the packet travelling time back and forth to the distant machine. It allows to debug slowdowns, it also can tell you more about the physical distance to a machine. The protocol used to send these packets is ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), which has some inconvenience. Some machines are now configured to automatically ignore ICMP requests. Which is why you won't have any resultats on certain website using ping tool.
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