Online TCP Port Scanner

About port scanning :

This port scanning tool allows you to scan for the 1000 most used ports on any distant machine. You can also enter a specific port to scan. We use Nmap to perform this scan. Nmap is also providing informations like other IP address attached to a domain name and PTR record. This port scanner also indicates which service is usually found for each open or closed port. That allows you to check for vulnerabilities to pentest a distant or local system. A port can be pictured as a door through which a computer will send and receive data. The ports are assigned to a specific service, for instance port 80 is used by http, or 8080 in some cases, port 443 is https, 20/21 for FTP, 22 for SSH, etc.
A port scanner like the one we provide here sends a TCP request to a distant computer, to a specific port, for instance port 22. We then receive an answer from the distant host, the port can be opened which means its listening the requests and can answer them, it can be closed, which means it doesn't listen because it's already in use, or filtered, and in that case the requests are blocked or ignored by a firewall for instance.
List every opened ports will allow to check for network issues. It can also allows an attacker or a pentester to get access to the distant host. In that case the attacker will look for security flaws in a specific service behing a port and exploit them to gain for instance root access.

This tool should only be used on machines you own or which you have a right to pentest. We won't take any responsability in any fraudulent usage you do of our tool.
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