Download md5decrypt's wordlist

What's in the wordlist ?

The list you can download here contains all the dictionnaries, and wordlists, I was able to find on the internet for the past two years. While I was using those lists to make my online database (which you can find on this website), I also made a bigger list, and tweaked it, to obtain a very unique and pertinent wordlist for password cracking. This dictionnary not only contains the wordlists that you could find on the internet, I also made my own list, by analyzing first some passwords statistics (thanks to Pipal) to create a very useful list for you to download. Because size matters, but not as much as we could think.

There's no point having a very big list with big words from languages dictionnaries, because people are not likely to use those words as passwords. So I analyzed what people used as passwords, such as surnames, with dates, where are the capital letters, and other stuff. I used those informations and I created a script to make what is for me a very pertinent wordlist.

The wordlist you can download on this page is, thanks to what I did, very unique, you won't find it somewhere else on the internet. Of course I also have passwords that appears in other wordlists (hopefully, I have the word "password" and "123456").

You can try out this wordlist by using the online database on the website,though the online database is larger than the one you can download here, this one was created to be the best mix of storage space and efficiency, it contains exactly 1.844.827.475 different words. This wordlist has been sorted, of course, and all the double words were removed using the unix "sort | uniq" command. If you decide to download this wordlist, please note that you can use it as-is, by feeding your favorite cracking tool. I personnaly use John the Ripper with the argument --wordlist.

If you have any question regarding the wordlist, or troubles with downloading, or anything else, you can contact me through the address : contact (at), I'll answer as soon as possible.

Cracking performance of md5decrypt's wordlist

As always, statistics are better than words. So I took some hours to find as many hashes as I could, by taking all the hashdumps I found (such as eharmony, gamigo, ISW, insidepro, etc) and several big lists of unfound MD5 hashes on great websites such as,,, etc.
As a total, it gave me exactly 191.982.840 different hashes, that were also sorted using "sort | uniq".

I processed those hashes using my wordlist and John the Ripper (1.7.9-jumbo-7_omp), without using any rules, just the wordlist as-is ("john --wordlist=Md5decrypt-awesome-wordlist --format=raw-md5 Hashdump-benchmark" was the exact command). John the Ripper cracked exactly 122.717.140 hashes, which is about 63.92% of the total file. I guess you could go higher than this rate if you use the rules in John the Ripper.
If you want to try your own wordlist against my hashdump file, you can download it on this page. This file wasn't created just to work with my wordlist, I really looked for all the hashes I could find just to try if my list was good.

Download Md5decrypt's wordlist

You can download the Md5decrypt's wordlist for free. This wordlist is unique as I created it nearly from scratch, using only some base wordlist. I don't trust the best database are the one with every words in it. It takes a lot of time, disk space and isn't really efficient. The best way for me is to analyze the way people choose the passwords, then adapt the database to it.
If you want to try the wordlist first, you can also download a sample of 30.000.000 unique words. Md5decrypt's wordlist - 2.3GB compressed, 21.1GB uncompressed (Thank you 7-zip)

If you decide to download our wordlist, please enter your email address in the following form. This is to fight against bots, your email address won't even be stored :

Checksums for file "Md5decrypt-awesome-wordlist.7z" :

MD5 : 42fa3bb1fde29f70ac31e68b4c4a84f7
SHA1 : 1a7683c5928e3255f99fb14b3e69bd87296257c5
SHA256 : 9e487cf10ba1284bba8b718a8a2637242fcdcf5e27ceb061f644ab873b45b9a3

Download a sample of 30.000.000 different words, from md5decrypt's wordlist - 39MB compressed. 351MB uncompressed. Fill the textbox and check your mailbox to download it :

Checksums for file "Wordlist-sample.7z" :

MD5 : 4352e21ffea3b9b8f11ecf34b1793900
SHA1 : b9d486a4aefef620ecfc83c49a1631b24f363c5e
SHA256 : 539596317e8b5a643d296bd097bafd02e6788640aa49bffb8f26d82e9737f566

Download my personal hashdump file, exactly 191.982.840 unique hashes - 2.9GB compressed, 6.4GB uncompressed. Try your own wordlist against it ! Fill the textbox below and check your mailbox to download :

Checksums for the hashes file "Hashdump-benchmark.7z" :

MD5 : b0d4b46c3b543e9fede8e7f6ff1783fa
SHA1 : a74327d4c2239b9bb53d427e74112a6f08c99060
SHA256 : 340d07a4216ff4ccd1f799a98acac9bb40497859df01a38d4e7b7b1732b3110b