Premium Decrypt

Premium Decryption :

With our premium service, you'll be able to access our extended database, containing more than 50 billion words. The crack rate until now is 79.94% against 25% with the public database. You can access this database using this premium lookup or the API. If you don't already have a premium account, you can simply create one by buying either a specific number of hashes to lookup, or either a specific duration during which the access to database is unlimited. This can be done by using the paypal form below.

Buy Hashes
- Crack rate until now : 79.94%
- Decrypt your hashes whenever you want

Buy Time
- Crack rate until now : 79.94%
- Unlimited decrypt for a period of time

Once you have a premium account, you'll receive an email with your confidential code, on the email address you used to pay. Check your spams if you can't find the email. You'll then be set to use our extended database using API or this page. On this page you can paste any kind of hashes we have (Md5, Md4, Sha1, Sha256, Sha384, Sha512, Ntlm).